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Annual Report
Epsom Central School is a K-8 elementary school serving the rural community
of Epsom, NH. There are approximately 430 students enrolled for the 2015-
2016 school year. Epsom Central School is part of SAU #53 with Allenstown,
Deerfield, Chichester, and Pembroke. Students from Epsom Central School
attend Pembroke Academy in Pembroke, NH for high school with approximately
197 Epsom students at the high school and seven students enrolled at the Pace
Academy Charter School.

Previous events over the year have included our family curriculum and math night,
literacy presentations and Title I/Response-to-Intervention events. Each month students
present projects at the School Board meetings to discuss and display information
including bird reports, penguin research, a community service project, and our choir
ensembles. The fall Veterans’ Day assembly and spring Memorial Day events are both
organized with students from grades kindergarten through eight. Grandparent
Luncheon held on September 10th surpassed our total from last year.
At the end of the year we recognized many students who have met our
community service goals within our middle school. These include ten hours for
fifth and sixth grade students, 20 hours for seventh grade students, and 30 hours
for eighth grade students. This helps to prepare our young men and women for
high school, the Epsom Community, and beyond.

The middle school has continued with two of our annual educationally based
overnight field trips. The sixth grade students attended Camp Mi-Te-Na in May
as part of our environmental camp program. Our current eighth grade students
and families have been working extremely hard at fund-raising from January
through this past December as we enjoyed our eighth annual historical trip to our
nation’s capital in April of 2015 and our ninth trip is set for April of 2016.
Our music program has continued to grow through the positive presence of
POPS, Parents of Performing Students. Other extracurricular activities include a
podcast club, chorus, yearbook, student council, drama, band, intramural sports,
newspaper, and our team sports. Epsom students compete with other schools in
the Southeast League for fall boys’/girls’ soccer, cross-country, boys’/girls’
basketball and cheerleading in the winter, and baseball, softball, and track in the

The fire and police departments supported our staff and students as part of our
safety program through a variety of emergency drills. Regular fire drills, lock
down procedures, and weather drills were conducted along with fire prevention
lessons. Personal safety has remained the number one priority along with
respect, peer interactions, and the proper use of emergency telephone numbers.
The staff and students appreciated the help offered by the Epsom Fire and Police
Departments as we worked together in preparation for any emergency.
Continuing from our pilot year in 2014-15, we have included our Star Reading
and Star Mathematics scores as part of our school-wide teacher evaluation
process. These scores are used to place students at their reading level and math
groups to promote student learning. These assessments are given at least three
times a year to track progress. We also use a daily math fact fluency practice
program titled Math Facts in a Flash and IXL.com for math practice in grades K-
8. Aimsweb assessments are also used for progress monitoring with specific
children from grades kindergarten through grade eight. Accelerated Math is
used to individualize practice and challenge students throughout the school.
Last spring we were introduced to the Smarter Balanced Assessment in both
ELA and Mathematics. Students in grades three through eight took part in
multiple sections over a two-week period of time. In addition to the use of
computers for these required assessments, within the classroom, iPads are used
by individuals and small groups in a variety of classrooms for applications in
reading, writing, math, and other curriculum topics. Whether researching,
investigating topics, or developing technology skills by creating products with
the help of computers, students at Epsom Central were provided opportunities to
enhance their 21st century skills.

Please visit our website, www.sau53.org/ecs, to learn more about Epsom Central
and our many student activities. Our monthly newsletter, “News from the
Eagles’ Nest,” is posted online and emailed home along with our “Curriculum
Themes” listing areas of study for each month by grade and subject area. The
website also lists announcements for students, parents, and the community.
Respectfully Submitted,

Patrick Connors, Principal             Jon Herod, Assistant Principal