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If you have any ideas or feedback on how Epsom Central School can address student learning loss or any additional ideas, please email [email protected]

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One Call Now Messages

One Call Now is an automated Parent Notification System. We utilize this system for school delays and cancellations as well as school announcements.

In addition to receiving calls from the school using this system, parents can easily retrieve or replay a message that was cut off from an answering machine, answered by a toddler, or received on a cellular phone that dropped the call mid-message. In order to do this, follow these instructions:

  1. Call toll-free (877) 698-3261 or (866) 321-4255 from any touch-tone phone.
  2. When prompted by the system, press 1 to listen to the most recent message sent to you.
Carnation Fundraiser

This fundraiser is to benefit the class of 2023 DC group.


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