The Re-opening Plan as of August 3rd

February 8, 2022

Good Evening Epsom Central School Parents,

At the School Board meeting tonight, a discussion took place about face coverings and our School Re-Opening plan levels.  Based on the current data, the School Board has decided to go to level low level and allow students to mix.  Here are the mitigation strategies for the low level to begin on Monday, February 14th.

Low Level will include:

• face coverings will be required on the bus per the CDC mandate.

• requests that guardians self-screen students before arriving at school and have student stay home if any (even mild) symptoms of COVID.

• temperature screen upon arrival at school.

• face coverings will be optional for students and staff at ECS unless a student or staff member chooses to return before the 10 day isolation/quarantine period has ended.  Any individual returning before the 10 day period has completed will need to wear a mask.

• encouraging open widows in the classroom.

• hand washing/hand sanitation upon entry to classroom, before eating, and after recess.

• encouraging physical distancing when in the classroom.

• offer COVID 19 vaccine clinic in school, when available.

• frequent cleaning throughout the facility.

• cohorts will be allowed to mix within the building.

• continue to make Covid 19 rapid antigen testing available at school to ease the burden of parent/guardian to obtain testing for symptomatic students.

• continue notification of parent/guardians of positive cases with classrooms

• continue to provide PCR testing when available through the State of N.H. SASS program.

Please contact ECS with any questions.


Patrick Connors                     Cynthia Learson, RN

Principal                                 Nurse

The Re-opening Plan as of August 3rd is to begin the year at the "low level" described in the plan making face coverings optional for all individuals at school except for the CDC requirement of face coverings on the bus. Any staff member or student may choose to continue to wear a face covering.  If this level changes to moderate or significant for Epsom Central School, we will communicate this home to all families and staff.