We were just notified of an individual in grade four who tested positive for Covid-19.   Due to the onset of symptoms occurring over the four day weekend contact tracing was only for immediate household members.   Our classes will continue as planned.

At the School Board meeting last evening, there was a discussion about the Covid protocols and it was decided to add in the following procedures:

Starting on Monday, September 13th, we will have face coverings for all students and staff in common areas. Once a person enters the building, they will need a face covering until entering the homeroom.  While masks would be preferred for all within the classroom, this is still an option for each family to decide.

Classes (cohorts) will not mix, including outside. Any services such as Special Education, Title I, etc. with students from different cohorts will look to have spacing, plastic dividers, or the possible use of face coverings to have the safest environment as possible while providing these student supports.

At times, students will need to wear face coverings in music class for any singing as there isn’t enough room to be spaced far apart.

At this point, sports will continue as planned.  If this changes, we will relay this to all families.

Please contact the school with any questions.


Patrick Connors and Cynthia Learson, RN



An individual in grade three tested positive for Covid-19.  The families within this class have already been contacted with additional information.

Please call Epsom Central School with any questions.


Patrick Connors and Cynthia Learson