We are still seeking substitutes at Epsom Central School.  If interested, you can choose the day or days of the week that you have available.  We can help train you.

Would you like a flexible work schedule with no weekend hours?
Are you good at thinking on your feet?
Would you like to make a difference in a young person’s life?
Would you enjoy working with children and young people ranging from kindergarten through grade eight
If you answered “yes” to these questions, becoming a substitute might be for you.
What kind of experience must I have?
An understanding of children and young people is essential. Have you raised your own children? Have you ever volunteered with child at church, sports, or another organization? If so, you may have more experience than you think.
Do I need to be a college graduate to substitute?
No. If you are a high school graduate, you are eligible.
Are there forms I need to complete?
Yes. We will need a completed Substitute ​application attached (or found, an I-9 Form (attached) and a W-4 Form (attached).  Additionally, you must be fingerprinted and have a background history check. The instructions for the fingerprints and background check will be distributed after the completed paperwork is submitted to the SAU office.
How much do substitutes make?
$100.00 per day or $50.00 per half day.
Am I able to choose the grades and the days that substitute?
Yes. You are always able to decide if you wish to work any assignment.
Where can I get more information?
Please contact the SAU #53 office at 603-485-5187 or call Epsom Central School, 736-9331.